Sponsoring an Epic Cross-Continental Road Trip

What’s more epic than a 50 day trip in a tiny car with friends on an unplanned route through 16 countries? Getting sponsored for a road trip.

Sam Haywood did just that.

Same took the Get Sponsorships course. Then, he and his team started raising money and product to cover their expenses for The Mongol Rally.

What the Hell is a Mongol Rally?

Think of it as a modern-day Cannonball Run. It spans across parts of Europe and Asia every summer.

The main goal is raising money for charity. And embracing true adventure as you face many unknowns along your travels.

Sam and His Team Stuck in the Dirt During The Mongol Rally

Sam and His Team Stuck in the Dirt During The Mongol Rally

One of their obvious obstacles after getting on the road? Dirt.

But one of the obstacles before the trip was knowing the best way to go about raising money for it. Sam needed help formulating the right action plan and putting it into practice.

Which Sponsorship Course Tools Helped The Most?

After he got rolling, it didn’t take long before several sponsors got on board with the trip. We asked him about the experience.

1. Email scripts for sponsorship follow-ups

It’s important to be prepared with what to say after you reach out. A huge number of sponsorships happen more with the follow up after initial contact.

Companies appreciate the reminder, and it can make all the difference to circle back.

2. A Easy-to-follow Action Plan

With a clear path to follow, you can get a sponsorship for anything. Determine the specific value you can offer to a sponsor, reach out and follow up.

3. Sharing this knowledge with team mates to start the conversation with potential sponsors.

When you’re motivated to get sponsorships, you can empower a team to help you move the needle.

What Were The Results of Trying to Get Sponsorships for The Road Trip?

Sam and his team were able to score several sponsorships by following the course steps. Here are a few examples:

1. The Full Apparel Kit

Full apparel kit from a clothing supplier (jackets, jumpers, thermals) for each member during the trip. Each member had a kit of around $500 per person. Total: $1500.

2. The UP 3D Printer

Sponsorship for a UP 3d Printer with full accessories kit to 3d Print on the road: $2000.

3. The Australian Paper Supplier

Sponsorship from a paper supplier in Australia: $1000.

The Small Sponsored Car

The Small Sponsored Car

Sponsorships were also sold in the form of logo placements on the car. And on their website, the team offered a series of interesting challenges. People could buy to take part in while on the road.

Traveling Across Europe at Dusk

Traveling Across Europe at Dusk

Sam and his friends traveled 14,000 kilometers (roughly 9,000 miles). Starting in London, England through many non-native speaking countries to Russia in a dustry 1 ltr sedan.

It was a 50 day quest to raise money for charity and to find out if there’s a universal language in making things.

Camping Out On The Road During the Rally

Camping Out On The Road During the Rally

Visit the Hop, Skip & a Jump blog to see more about how they incorporated sponsors into their trip and what happened on the road.

Sam’s story proves that anything can be sponsored. You can sponsor a road trip!

The sky is the limit! Start planning your next adventure.

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