How to Sell Sponsorships on Your Blog without Feeling Sleazy

Some of us will always feel slimy and sleazy when we try to sell something. It’s difficult for us not to feel that way when it comes to selling sponsorships for a blog. Although, you want to make money on your blog, right? Who doesn’t?

How to Ask for Sponsorship on Your Blog without Feeling Slimy

Let’s examine ways not to feel slimy when selling sponsorships. That way, you can achieve financial success on your blog!

Understand The Value of Your Blog or Website

Many bloggers tend to sell themselves short. After all, they’re just writing a blog.

You must remember you’re providing a valuable service to your readers. No matter the subject of your blog, you’re giving readers meaningful and useful information.

Over time, you’ve created relationships with your readers. They’ve come to trust you as an authority on your subject.

This type of trust and authority is not easy to come by, and it’s valued by potential sponsors. Use it to your advantage.

Stop and think about it. If you accept a sponsor, that tells your readers that you trust that company and product. That could be enough for them to consider using that product for themselves.

See, you are worth more than you thought!

Establish Clear Sponsorship Packages

You need to define your sponsorship packages that your potential sponsors can choose from. Here are a few examples:

One Flat-Rate Sponsorship Package

Create a specific offer. Outline what the sponsorship will include if a company were to buy. Give it a firm price.

I’ve recently used this approach on a sponsorship sales blitz. I reached out to 43 companies with one solid offer that I think a lot of them would buy.

The offer was clear and so was the price. No questions asked.

This is a great approach if you are just starting out selling sponsorships on your blog like I was.

I offered a video review and a blog post for $2,000. The response rate was high and there was little back and forth with the sponsors.

The Tiered Sponsorship Packages

Decide what each level will get them if they invest in your blog. For example, your lower tier will get the sponsor a post on your blog plus a banner ad.

In the next tier, you could offer more than one post and a banner ad for longer time frame.

There are many ways to structure the sponsorship packages. Do it in a way that’s comfortable for you and your blog. And while providing tangible value to your potential sponsors.

Always Give Your Sponsors More Than They Expect

Hold a little something back in each package. Make it a trick up your sleeve to blow your sponsors away. Always  under promise and over deliver.

For example, give them an extra shout out on social media or even post their logo somewhere else on your blog. Don’t tell them, just do it.

That little bit of extra effort can go a long way with your sponsor. You’ll end up with happy sponsors and repeat customers for a future sponsorships.

Is Your Blog Ready To Attract Potential Sponsors?

Before you ask for your first sponsorship, get your blog in order. Every aspect of your website needs to top-notch and working well.

Develop high-quality and valuable content that your readers will love.

Double check all your links and graphics. Make sure every aspect of the site is in perfect working order.

If your site is a mess, you can kiss any potential sponsorships goodbye.

Focus on creating a killer about page and sponsor/advertise page.

A Confident Blog is the Key To Getting Paying Sponsors

Be confident! If you’re unsure, you will come across negatively in the sales process. Make sure you are comfortable in not only what you offer, but in how you offer it.

Approach potential blog sponsors in a way that makes you comfortable. You’ll come across as confident, knowledgeable and approachable.

If you prefer to professional, then approach potential sponsors that way. But, if your style is more relaxed and a little informal, stick with that. There’s no wrong way to appear confident. Except lying.

They’ll see through you if you approach them in a manner that’s out of your comfort zone. They may interpret the interaction in a negative way.

How to Connect with Your Potential Blog Sponsors

Selling sponsorships, even online, is a people business. No matterhow you communicate, remember you’re talking to another human being. Treat them as you would treat your best friend.

Ask them how they are or get them to tell you about their weekend. It’s amazing how a personal connection can transform your success rate when selling sponsorships.

Always Keep Your Sponsors Updated

Sponsors like to know what’s going on with their money. Be friendly, concise, and clear on all expectations, goals, and results.

Update your new sponsor every step of the way. Inform them of the progress of all their sponsorship “perks.”

For instance, if you have agreed to place a banner ad on your blog, design the banner and send it to them for approval. Once approved, send them another message with a link for them to check out the banner.

Everyone loves to updates.  It makes them feel a part of the process. And it reminds them they’re receiving the benefits of their sponsorship dollars.

Regular, friendly communication will help you earn a monthly sponsorship on your blog.

Are You Ready to Sell Sponsorships on Your Blog?

There’s never a reason to feel slimy when finding sponsors for your blog. After all, you need to make money to offset the expenses of running a high-quality blog. Your time is worth something.

Take the necessary steps to have your blog in the best shape possible. Have your sponsorship packages organized and ready to go for any potential sponsors.

Once you begin contacting potential sponsors, keep those communication lines open. Work hard to make person connections with the people you are contacting.

Those sleazy feelings will vanish. You can sell sponsorships knowing that they’ll receive great value for their investment.

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